Dynamic Program for Juniors (Ages 7-12)

The skills taught in this program are designed to give the students the tools they need to succeed in life. Confidence, discipline, respect, concentration and perseverance are just a few of the character traits this program will teach. Couple that with an exciting and motivating martial arts program and you have the recipe for great fun and personal development for everyone.


My Child Never Cleaned His Room Until I Enrolled Him In Martial Arts Lessons…

That’s a quote from a mother who was amazed and delighted by the positive change in her child after he started karate lessons. For over 25 years, we’ve seen thousands of children improve their discipline, concentration, respect and overall attitude within a short period of time with lessons at our school.


Our Instructors are Important Role Models:

The instructors (Senseis) are committed to helping your child improve in all areas and they will encourage, motivate and challenge your child to get the most out of him/her self.  Having positive-minded, heath and fitness-conscious instructors will give your child real-life role models you’d be proud to see them emulate.