Aryan Martial Art Temple is one of the best Martial Art Training Center in Delhi. We have more than 8 year experience Teachers.
we have number of Students who have won number of medals in state, National and Inter-National Tournaments.


We Provide

 1. Home Classes

 2. One To One Classes

 3. Group Classes

 4. Summer Camps

 5. Winter Camps

 6. Week End Classes

 7. Boxing Classes

 8. MMA (Mixed Martial Art) Classes

 9. Karate for kids

 10. KickBoxing Classes


The main features of Karate Training:
Self Defense Training
Fitness Training
Basic Techniques
Striking with Open Hand
Trapping Technique
Kumite (Fight)
Self Discipline
Relieving stress out and continuous work


Thank you for trusting our program and granting us the privilege to work with your family. We promise that we will do everything we can to ensure an awesome experience for your entire family. We believe that everyone deserves a place where they can shine. Aryan Martial Art Temple & Fitness.

“The possibilities are endless!”