Designed Specifically for Kids (Ages 4-5)

Your child will love this class – it’s the perfect blend of fun, focus and skill!  Young children have very special needs when it come to a group activity and karate lessons at Martial Arts Temple will fill those needs perfectly.

Children in this class (we call them Tigers) are ages 4 & 5  years old.  Your child will learn basic martial arts skills in a safe, fun and exciting class emphasizing positive life skills such as confidence, self esteem, respect, concentration and self control. Class are 30 minutes long and there are multiple classes each week to fit into anyone’s busy schedule.

Can Karate Help My Shy Child?

Parents are constantly telling us how their son or daughter is more confident in new situations and more outgoing in school and with their friends after starting karate lessons. As a matter of fact, one of the lessons a child learns is how to introduce themselves to other children and make new friends. This confidence spills over into schoolwork, sports and other activities.